It was the last thing that I understood.

The way he meditate day and night.

The way he reveal himself at the deepest core of HIS light.

The way he set foot on that crumbled ground when everyone is at the sight of unworthiness.

He reveal them at his weakest and turned his back to the world.

Those are the things that I never understand,

No, those are the things that I truly understand.

I fell in love in those simple ways, to which to God I sincerely pray.


The 50 Best Filipino Films of the 21st Century — Pinoy Rebyu

A few days after resigning from the Metro Manila Film Festival Executive Committee, film critic Rolando Tolentino tweeted, “Ang pelikula di naalaala dahil sa kita nito kundi sa kontribusyon sa kaluluwa ng bayan.” Pinoy Rebyu’s goal in coming up with best-of lists since 2010 has always been to make casual moviegoers gradually discover gems in […]

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Today, I spent 80usd for a scriptwriting software

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This is Fade In, a scriptwriting software for stingy writers like me who’s tired of the bugs of Celtx. For the past three screenplays I’ve written via Celtx, it has been a headache 50% of the time – file closing suddenly without saving automatically, sequence numbering gets messed up too often, big spaces in between paragraphs appear without warning. Sabagay, Celtx is a free software, gusto ko pa, walang bug? Dami ko nga namang hinihiling.

Fade In was recommended by Jerrold Tarog – he’s the director, writer and editor of Heneral Luna, in the rare case that you haven’t heard of him. Most of my scriptwriter-friends actually suggested Final Draft – it s after all the most popular scriptwriting app. But it is 240usd!!! 15,000php??? No way. Fade In is only 80usd. Binili ko agad.

I’ve been using Fade In since this morning – I had to re-type until Sequence…

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Payo sa Blogging: Paano Magkaroon ng Followers

Doctor Eamer

Sisimulang ko ang isang blog series entitled “Payo sa Blogging” na dedicated para sa mga newbie bloggers na nagtatanong ng mga payo sa blogging. I will share some of the things na ginagawa at natutunan ko rin mula sa ibang mga bloggers. Paano nga ba magkaroon ng followers?

Noong 2014 ako nagsimulang pumasok sa blogosphere. Tanda ko pa ang pakiramdam na una akong nagkaroon ng first five followers at ilang mga likes sa aking blog articles. Isama na rin natin ang palitan ng mga comments. May excitement talaga kapag may mga bago kang followers. Only bloggers can relate sa feeling na sinasabi ko. By 2016, around 500+ na ang naging WordPress followers ko. Mga 95% ay Pinoy since puro tagalog ang mga blogs ko at bihira akong mag-follow ng hindi Pinoy. Sa kasamaang palad, nagkaroon ako ng sariling domain, hindi ko alam kung bakit nawala ang mga…

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Sumagad ang salat sa isang pait na di maitutugma. Isang kalinangan sa damdamin na NAPIKOT at naparalisa.

Ilang agam agam ang iyong inipon. T I N U L I G S A, tinuligsa ka ng nababadyang kawalan kung saan nakita mo din ang hangganan.

Pinagdiinan ka ng dapithapon at ang liwanag ng gabi’y itinakas na rin palayo sayo.

Sa isang pagsasalarawan, hindi sapat and DIKTA at ang laban sa iniwan na ulirat.

Nayanig ang isang paraiso sa talas ng layon ng mga salita. Ginawad ng landas ang pandayang HINDI kailanman natutunan.

Ang wagas ay tumugma sa wakas. Nilambitin ang pag asa sa isang P A G S I L A W na nais maatim. Isang nakakasulasok na karimlan.

Nakita mo ba? Ang pinagkaiba ng inalipusta’t pinatahimik ng pilit upang di magalaw ang ganap mong pagpapasya?

Kahit ilang sugnay na makapag-iisa ang kanyang isulat sasabihin nya pa ‘rin sayo. Hindi ko ‘to kaya.

Tanaw niya ang pait, isang hagupit na ipinilit at isiniksik, kumapit ngunit mas lalong naipit.

Hinagkan nya ang himpapawid, tumanaw at kumintal sa kanya, ano ang iyong nasasa-isip?

Tandaan mo, ikaw ang lang lumaya, siya lang mismo  ang tumahimik at nagparaya para sa iyong bagong pag ibig na nais M A I-P U N L A.

Mahal na mahal ka n’ya. wika niya pa’y salamat dahil hinulma mo ang TAONG BASURA, mali, TAONG TANGA. Hinabol niya pa’t ibinigkas pasensya ka na kung puro ako problema, pangako huli na.


How did I start with all of these artsy-fancy-thing? At the very beginning I’m just an amazed viewer slash follower of those  clever calligraphers blog sites. I don’t know, I just love how they create their each masterpiece of letter formations, fonts, harmonizing tails and curves and everything that is beneficial in order to produce beautiful writing. My eyes are being fed with all of those.

I started with ballpoint materials, followed by fine markers but I don’t keenly follow any manuals for drills and practices, you want to see the outcome?

Materials used: DONG- MY GEL (Black); PILOT G-TECH 0.3

Then it follows with several production that ended up as my ultimate addiction. I even poured out some interests with those cute boxes I used to encounter, pizza boxes, pastry cartons, even milk boxes (LIKEEEE WHAATTTTTT APRILLLLL?) yes, I just realized that I collected them so much for an important reason: I’ll paint them and put letters on them. But some of them destined to be in trash bin cans haha. The super outcome *not that super I guess.

Tadah! Greenwich pizza painted in blue and thanks to that 2 empanadas’ exposure.

Then I started to experiment with watercolors *whoa: like the this kid has to try something new.

These are some of the errors, I don’t know how to harmonize letters still at those unfortunate moments. These look preppy anyway. hihi 

When I went in Manila, with my org-mates in our school publication, I accidentally discover an art shop. Then there I found out different nibs, dip pens holders and inks. I don’t have any intention to start with my calligraphy career *wow career! just kidding. However, I bought a piece of C-4 nib, a holder and the cheapest Redstone Indian Ink; I went home with a heart of excitement. Then all of the frustrations arouse.

The normal cursive handwriting. This was the time that build up stress to me due to failure usage of Indian ink.
Then another trial on finding the right match of inks and papers
When you don’t have any thoughts to write about.
Then I decided to start the drill. This is the very start. I’ve found out poster paints to be as good as those expensive inks, with the right amount of Gum Arabic.

Then yeyyyyy! I turned into black card boards and inked  it white! I am currently using these as my medium of my letters to my friends. On that way I absolutely practice more and more. I am not that so good, more rice to eat for me to an absolutely perfect Ornamental writing. Dealing with its technicalities really requires a whole lot amount of discipline. If you are just like me who’s still in the process of making drills and reading manuals just don’t stop scribbling.


MMFF; History is never the better judge and heart attacks do not happen always in the early morning


 Tito Genova Valiente

Several years from now, perhaps 50 or even more years, people will be looking back at this year. The year 2016 has been declared as the Year of the Rebirth of the New Fascism and the New Racism. Madonna has the wisest words for how to regard this year that is going: F__k off 2016!

In the local world of culture and cinema, a new group of people has overhauled the annual film festival that, in the process, removed the blockbuster films declared by cultural workers and critics, including this writer, as dumb shows that make the Filipino audiences dumber. Those were not the exact words but memory, like history, is never the better judge. But I am going ahead with the title of this ranting.

When at last December came and the announcement of films was released, the initial reaction was dismay and not celebration. The films were labeled “indie”, a mark that is the kiss of death in any affair with the big audience.

I was in the province when the film festival started. Off to the cinema I went and there saw, together with the selected Metro Manila Film Festival entries, was the film of Vice Ganda, heretofore and hereinafter, the avatar of bad taste. Shunned from the film festival, it showed itself at the box office and heralded another film festival. With the “official” festival at hand, the Vice Ganda film, like the storm that gathers heat and strength as it moves across the sea and into the land, became even stronger. More people were queueing for that film than for those that were aimed at the viewers’ soul.

What is it in the films of Vice Ganda and Vic Sotto that attract viewers? We cannot ignore this phenomenon by saying these films are nonsense. If we do so, then are the people loving them nonsense?

We cannot legislate good taste, we often say. Examine that sentence and find there the death sentence of culture. We cannot assume corrupt officials to have good taste, do we?  Who then shall instill the good taste?

Years from now, books on culture will be discussing films that, by then, had been seen only by a few. Those comic films that, as their supporters and box-office results had validated, will not be written about. They will not be even part of footnotes, unless some pop-culture academic will be talking about “Films That Are So Bad They Are Already Beautiful.”

Now, that is the problem of history. It cannot be a judge, because it is a remembrance of things past, and all depends on the historian at hand and the archives available. What we see as history really judging is the present. If we are treading on the present that is about to go, the last gasps of this horrid 2016, then it is the future looming that will be looking back, and not history for it is of the past.

Some nights back, my high-school batchmates were talking of personal histories. Amazing it is how, in a small circle, remembrances are disparate. Louie, the lawyer, insisted that Arnel, the honored government servant, died before noon. This was to prove the lawyer’s theory that heart attacks never happen in the afternoon, but, as the old song goes, in the wee small hours of the morning and even up to 10.

Heart attacks are like histories. When they happen, they not ruled by the past but watched over by the grieving present and the future waiting in the wings. We never learn from the attacks. We never learn from histories, because we never see them coming and, by the time we look back, something else has taken over the horizon, like more killings and stronger fear that someone will die in our family and a government could just go on with what it is doing, and people are shrugging their shoulders because there are millions out there still liking the administration. People are waiting for some histories to judge all these events, including a festival that terrifies people because it is, for the first time, screening films that are good for the mind, but not for the season.



Couldn’t even gasp an amount of free air while opening this letter little by little. This is an elite class of writing by which I don’t know if I could do this someday or at least even perhaps. Couldn’t even stop my heart singing rhymes and convert it to beautiful melodies of words of gratitude! ♡ I don’t know if I deserve receiving this kind of world class masterpiece. I might not be wise in technicalities upon writing but this person behind this delivered snail mail just did it effortlessly. Thank you for turning my letter journey into a great one. I’ll be your apprentice from afar.

UGHHHH! Thank you sa HUNT NIB! you don’t deserve my whole crap letter. Thanks A!