A little bit intriguing why I denote myself as buffleheaded ? I don’t know if that word exists but I am just I am. I live in a world full of pressure and still working for the potential of my future; I don’t know exactly how to create all those words to become suffixes or affixes of my name for you to know my personality.

I am an inspiring film maker, I’ve been dreaming to become one of the media practitioners in the local field *will that happen soon? Or should I devote myself in the academe? I’m still in the process of guessing which way. The 4-year dozes of productions we’ve made during my bachelor degree consumed me, I worked as one of the editors in our school publication and making short films at those times embraces my personal being to create some more and to do better.

I am practicing drills in calligraphy. I am in the latent point of training myself in its technicalities that requires a huge amount of discipline.

For the mean time I am cultivating and evaluating my inner self and motivations in life as a young educator.

A hidden musician in my comfy zone;

A person who has a painful past about love. But still believing for a blessed meeting for the right one.

I am standing before God. And everything about me is nothing without Christ. Redeemed by the blood of the lamb and praying for a mission that will fulfill God’s will and purpose for him to be known in this dying generation.