How did I start with all of these artsy-fancy-thing? At the very beginning I’m just an amazed viewer slash follower of those  clever calligraphers blog sites. I don’t know, I just love how they create their each masterpiece of letter formations, fonts, harmonizing tails and curves and everything that is beneficial in order to produce beautiful writing. My eyes are being fed with all of those.

I started with ballpoint materials, followed by fine markers but I don’t keenly follow any manuals for drills and practices, you want to see the outcome?

Materials used: DONG- MY GEL (Black); PILOT G-TECH 0.3

Then it follows with several production that ended up as my ultimate addiction. I even poured out some interests with those cute boxes I used to encounter, pizza boxes, pastry cartons, even milk boxes (LIKEEEE WHAATTTTTT APRILLLLL?) yes, I just realized that I collected them so much for an important reason: I’ll paint them and put letters on them. But some of them destined to be in trash bin cans haha. The super outcome *not that super I guess.

Tadah! Greenwich pizza painted in blue and thanks to that 2 empanadas’ exposure.

Then I started to experiment with watercolors *whoa: like the this kid has to try something new.

These are some of the errors, I don’t know how to harmonize letters still at those unfortunate moments. These look preppy anyway. hihi 

When I went in Manila, with my org-mates in our school publication, I accidentally discover an art shop. Then there I found out different nibs, dip pens holders and inks. I don’t have any intention to start with my calligraphy career *wow career! just kidding. However, I bought a piece of C-4 nib, a holder and the cheapest Redstone Indian Ink; I went home with a heart of excitement. Then all of the frustrations arouse.

The normal cursive handwriting. This was the time that build up stress to me due to failure usage of Indian ink.
Then another trial on finding the right match of inks and papers
When you don’t have any thoughts to write about.
Then I decided to start the drill. This is the very start. I’ve found out poster paints to be as good as those expensive inks, with the right amount of Gum Arabic.

Then yeyyyyy! I turned into black card boards and inked  it white! I am currently using these as my medium of my letters to my friends. On that way I absolutely practice more and more. I am not that so good, more rice to eat for me to an absolutely perfect Ornamental writing. Dealing with its technicalities really requires a whole lot amount of discipline. If you are just like me who’s still in the process of making drills and reading manuals just don’t stop scribbling.



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