Couldn’t even gasp an amount of free air while opening this letter little by little. This is an elite class of writing by which I don’t know if I could do this someday or at least even perhaps. Couldn’t even stop my heart singing rhymes and convert it to beautiful melodies of words of gratitude! ♡ I don’t know if I deserve receiving this kind of world class masterpiece. I might not be wise in technicalities upon writing but this person behind this delivered snail mail just did it effortlessly. Thank you for turning my letter journey into a great one. I’ll be your apprentice from afar.

UGHHHH! Thank you sa HUNT NIB! you don’t deserve my whole crap letter. Thanks A!


4 thoughts on “MAY PUSO ANG MGA SULAT

    1. OMG Hello Miss Liz! Glad that you noticed my blog about snail mail! 🙂 You can also write to your friend in the US and you may send it via PhilPost (Intermail probably) 🙂 This is made by a friend online 🙂 I’m sending letters too, I hope I can do you some. Soon I’ll try to blog my letter journey last Valentines day 🙂

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